Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science, University of California, San Diego
Professorial Fellow, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne


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> Slides and Videotaped Lectures  
  Sallis, J.F. From Individual to Ecological Perspectives: My Personal Evolution. Master Lecture, Society of Behavioral Medicine, Salt Lake City, UT. March 2003  

Sallis, J.F. Policies to Promote Diffusion of Evidence-Based Physical Activity Interventions. Presentation, Cooper Institute Conference, Dallas, TX. October 2004

  Sallis, J.F. Evidence-Based Approaches for Promoting Youth Physical Activity. Presentation, California Department of Education Obesity Task Force. September 2004  
  Sallis, J.F. Programs, Policies and Places for Youth Physical Activity. Presentation, American College of Sports Medicine/American Academy of Pediatrics Workshop, Nashville, TN. June 2005  
  Sallis, J.F. A Crystal Ball on Physical Activity and Health. Presentation, International Conference on Physical Activity and Public Health, Atlanta, GA. April 2006  
  Sallis, J.F. Translating Research Into Public Policy: The Case of Active Living. Presentation, National Conference of State Legislatures, Denver, CO. November 2008  
  Sallis, J.F. Improving Physical Activity Measurements. Presentation, Childhood Obesity and Diabetes Prevention in Indian Country: Making Physical Activity Count. Sponsored by teh University of Arizona Native American Research and Training Center, San Diego, CA. December 2008  

Environmental Influences on Physical Activity(48 minutes); Understanding and Promoting Youth Physical Activity(52 minutes); Measuring Physical Activity in Youth(54 minutes). Produced by Health Learning Videotapes in cooperation with the American College of Sports Medicine.
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Toll free call: 888-229-5745

  Sallis, J.F. Transportation strategies for healthier communities: The path from health to transport. University of British Columbia and The City Program. Vancouver, BC, Canada. March 19, 2008.Video Link  
  Sallis, J.F. How neighborhood design and recreation environment variables affect physical activity in adolescents. Pediatric Grand Rounds. University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Department of Pediatrics. Madison, WI. February 21, 2008. Video Link
  Sallis, J.F. Using Research to Create a Less Obesogenic World. Presentation, Texas Obesity Research Center, Houston, TX. April 2009  
  Sallis, J.F. "Just the facts:" Leveraging research to promote active living in Army communities. Soldier-Family Action Plan Training Symposium for U.S. Army MWR *Morale, Welfare, Recreation), Louisville, KY. January 2010  
  Sallis, J.F. International Influences on Activity Around the World. Presentation, Obesity Society Annual Scientific Meeting, San Diego, CA. October 2010  

Sallis, J.F. Increasing physical activity at school: Evidence-based approaches. Presentation, Primer Congreso de Educacion Fisica. Sponsored by Baja California Sistema Educativo Estatal, Tijuana, Mexico. March 2011

  Crawford, P., & Sallis, J.F. “Preventing Childhood Obesity: School Food and Physical Activity."  Produced by Medscape and funded by The California Endowment. 7/31/13
  Environmental Research on Physical Activity:Scientific Progress Leading to Action. President's Lecture at American College of Sports Medicine. June 2013. (49 minutes)
This lecture also included in 3-disk set: 2013 ACSM Annual Meeting Named Lectures.
Produced by Healthy Learning Videotapes in cooperation with the American College of Sports Medicine.
P.O. Box 1828
Monterey, CA  93942
Toll free call:  888-229-5745
  Sallis, J.F. Transportation policy as an intervention for and against health. Webinar for International Society of Physical Activity and Health. Organized by Early Career Network. December 7, 2015.              
  Symposium, Physical Education's Role in Public Health: a 20 year retrospective. American Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, San Diego, CA. April 2011  
    Sallis, J.F. and McKenzie, T. Physical Education's Role in Public Health: A 20-Year Retrospective  
    McKenzie, T. We've Come a Long Way, Baby! Or Have We?  
    Sallis, J.F. Opportunities for Improving Physical Education's Impact on Public Health  
    Bulger, S.M. and Housner, L.D. Relocating from Easy Street: Strategies for Moving Physical Activity Education Forward  
  Co-Benefits of Active Design: Enhancing Communication of Evidence to Decision Makers