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Patient-centered Assessment & Counseling for Exercise (PACE+): Physical Activity and Diet Surveys for Adults

  These measures were developed for the PACE+ studies of overweight and obese women and men. They were adapted from other measures and designed to be brief. They are based on social cognitive theory and the transtheoretical model, so they assess a variety of potential mediators. Reliability was evaluated among university students, and validity was assessed in the clinical studies.


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    PACE Adult Diet and Physical Activity Measures

PACE adult measures of physical activity, sedentary behavior, dietary components, and related psychosocial measures. These have been evaluated for reliability and validity.

    Scoring Information for PACE Adult (Women) Psychosocial Measures


    Sedentary Behavior Questionnaire - Korean Translation

Translation by Hanjong Park, University of Illinois at Chicago. hparkchicago@gmail.com


PACE Physical Activity Staging Survey-Urdu (Pakistan) version of the 8-item survey



  Translation by Hania Khan. haniak029@gmail.com    


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