Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science, University of California, San Diego
Professorial Fellow, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne

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Our research team conducted an evaluation of the first major Open Streets events in San Diego (CicloSDias), which was held on Sunday August 11, 2013. The CicloSDias evaluation was funded by the California Endowment. The aims of the evaluation were to document attendance rates, gauge reach and marketing, and assess impacts on social cohesion, businesses, and physical activity. The evaluation consisted of counts of event attendees, intercept surveys of event attendees (some survey questions were presented on large posters), surveys of businesses along the route, and a city-wide survey before and after the event. A report of the evaluation results can be found on the publications page, under the heading 'CicloSDias'.

Main Citations

Engelberg, J.K., Carlson, J.A., Black, M.L., Ryan, S., and Sallis, J.F. (2014). Ciclovia participation in San Diego, CA: The first CicloSDias. Preventive Medicine, 69 (suppl.), S66-S73.



Intercept Survey


This survey was completed by event attendees.    

Intercept Survey, Spanish Translation


Spanish version of the survey completed by event attendees.

    Business Impact Survey

This survey was completed by businesses along the route.


City-wide Survey

  These questions were asked to residents across San Diego City using random digit dialing (this document is not formatted for distribution).    

CiclosSDias attendance report - North Park




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