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Environmental Assessment of Public Recreation Spaces (EAPRS) Tool


The EAPRS Measurement Tool provides a comprehensive direct observation assessment of the physical environments of parks and playgrounds, with an emphasis on evaluating physical elements and qualities with respect to their functionality or potential functionality (e.g., how a park or playground element is used or could be used by adults and children).

Main Citation:

Saelens, B.E. et al. Measuring Physical Environments of Parks and Playgrounds: EAPRS Instrument Development and Inter-Rater Reliability (2006). Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 3, Suppl 1, S190-S207



  • EAPRS Abbreviated Tool




Validating and Shortening the EAPRS Observational Measure, Appendix 1

  • EAPRS Mini Tool

  • EAPRS Abbreviated and Mini Scoring Dictionary


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