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Welcome to my website. This electronic link to the world has been an effective way of communicating for many years now, and I thank you for coming to visit and use the posted resources. It has been gratifying to see my website highlighted in journal articles and used by government groups, particularly related to the measures our teams have created.

Here are some features I want to highlight.

-This October 2020 update occurs in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and crisis. I have gotten involved in efforts to communicate the many relevant benefits of physical activity during the pandemic. Please see the blog that explains how I became involved and lists papers, blogs, webinars, and other resources I have been involved in.

-Please check out my video blog, Active Living Clips. These short video clips are on a Youtube channel. They include my narrations of places and events that are relevant for physical activity, with both good and bad examples. The clips are from all over the world. The very first clip that introduces the whole channel is set in Prague, Czech Republic, because it has been a delightful city for walking for over 1000 years. Here is a Table of Contents for Active Living Clips.

-Please see my personal blog for additional news and updates. I have posted photo-centric highlights for each of the past several years. You may see yourself in the photos!

-We are promoting the use of MAPS: Microscale Audit of Pedestrian Streetscapes. We have longer versions for researchers and a short version for practitioners. MAPS-Global was designed for international use. We would like MAPS to become a tool for community groups to support their advocacy for more activity-friendly neighborhoods. We invite investigators to identify the version that best fits their needs.

-Our team has created and evaluated shorter versions of the useful but lengthy EAPRS (Environmental Assessment of Public Recreation Spaces) park observation tool. See the new entry in the Measures section.

-The IPEN studies are producing many publications in high-impact journals, so I have added a direct link to the list of IPEN papers and related documents, such as slides, research briefs, and press coverage.

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