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Welcome to my website. This electronic link to the world has been an effective way of communicating for many years now, and I thank you for coming to visit and use the posted resources. It has been gratifying to see my website highlighted in journal articles and used by government groups, particularly related to the measures. However, there is always room for improvement, so the new site was launched in early 2013, with many new features.

The measures section was completely reorganized, according to families of measures.  Everything related to a measure or set of measures has been brought together. If you translate or adapt one of our measures, please send it to webmaster Carrie Geremia.

For 2016 we have several new elements to alert you to:

-Please check out my video blog, Active Living Clips.

-Please see my personal blog for additional news and updates.

-Active Living Research is offering consulting services to use research to improve the design of communities for active living. Our goal is to work with private and public partners to make the most activity-friendly and healthy communities possible.

-Please visit the Active Living Research LinkedIn page.

-We are promoting the use of MAPS: Microscale Audit of Pedestrian Streetscapes. We have longer versions for researchers and a short version for practitioners. We would like MAPS to become a tool for community groups to support their advocacy for more activity-friendly neighborhoods. MAPS-Global is being evaluated, and we encourage international partners to use it. The MAPS link will keep you up to date on the roll-out of this measure.

-The IPEN studies are producing many publications in high-impact journals, so I have added a direct link to the list of IPEN papers and related documents, such as slides, research briefs, and press coverage.

  Remembering Karen Calfas Polarek
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Experiencing the Tibetan Community near Mundgod, India
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Advocating for safer conditions for pedestrians and bicyclists in Brisbane, Australia. Thanks to the Australian Heart Foundation for encouraging me to write this and for getting it published as the lead article online.
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Electric scooters on collision course with pedestrians and lawmakers
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Jim’s 2017 Highlights
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Driverless cars and possible health effects
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IPEN Team at ACU
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IPEN Publication Updates
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2018 Publications
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2016 Publications
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We will have more frequent updates through blogs and photos of recent events, which you'll find in the 'Latest News' section to the right. I have a habit of taking photos, and I would like to share some of them. You'll find a slideshow at the bottom of this page that you can click on to access the whole album. There are two main groups of photos. I want to pay tribute to colleagues and collaborators by posting photos taken through the years. The other photos will be of places that might tell us something about creating spaces that invite physical activity--or not.

We will continue to post my publications, organized by both project and topic. Because I get behind on categorizing them, we are going keep the list up to date by posting citations right away in blog posts, and we'll also contain citations of "in press" papers.


Active Living Clips: My Video Blog
I am privileged to have the chance to travel to many parts of the globe as part of my work. Because most of my research is about built environments, programs, practices, and policies that affect active living, I get to see extremely diverse examples of good and bad design for active living. I have thought for a long time that I would enjoy combining photos or videos of places that I visit with my comments on lessons that can learned for physical activity promotion. In 2014 I began a series of videos with narration that I call Active Living Clips. My hope is that these video blogs will be of interest to others. Maybe you will find them useful for your classes, presentations, or just personal learning. Maybe they will stimulate research ideas or spark you to take action to make your community more activity-friendly. Please let me know what you think, positive and negative.

The first series of Clips was recorded in June 2014 on my trip to Prague and Olomouc, Czech Republic. These are some of my favorite cities for walking, so I thought I would explain why walking there is an intensely pleasant experience. To me, they exemplify time-tested principles of creating activity-friendly environments. Of course, there are many other great places to walk and cycle, but these are among my favorites. Not every place can be hundreds of years old, but age-old principles that are still effective can be applied in new ways. That is our challenge, especially in the US.

The approach is simple. I turn on the video camera of my iphone and start narrating. I have done no editing, so starts and stops can be rough. In many cases I take you on a walk or bike ride so you can experience what it is like to be active in this place. The comments are my own opinions, hopefully informed by research, but the comments do not necessarily reflect findings from systematic reviews or our own studies. This is a blog, not a peer-reviewed article.

Episode 1 ["Introduction to Active Living Clips in Prague"] features a sample of Prague's pleasures for a pedestrian. The other clips are shorter, mostly 1 to 5 minutes. I plan to keep adding clips as I see places and events worth sharing as long as I and others find something of value in them. I welcome your feedback, so please leave comments.

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